Empowering Accessibility: An Introduction to Fusion

May 29, 2024 from 1:45 pm to 2:30 pm

Speaker: Rachel Buchanan

This presentation introduces Fusion, a powerful tool combining JAWS screen reader and ZoomText screen magnifier and highlights its importance in creating more accessible learning environments. It covers Fusion’s key features, an overview of setup, and customization for your needs. The session also provides training resources, culminating in a Q&A for addressing specific questions and sharing tips.

Rachel Buchanan is the Director of User Education and Technical Support at Vispero, where she leads teams dedicated to learning and support. She brings over 15 years of passionate commitment to working with individuals who are blind or have low vision. Her expertise spans technology instruction, vocational program development, and strategic project management. Rachel has made significant contributions at the Carroll Center for the Blind and World Services for the Blind before her current role at Vispero. Her passion extends to empowering teachers and their students, ensuring they receive the best possible education and support. Rachel holds a Master of Education in Blind and Visually Impaired Studies from Hunter College CUNY.An Introduction to Fusion: Creating More Accessible Learning Environments

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