DeafBlind: Welcome to My World

August 5, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm

Speaker: Jeri Cooper

This presentation will demonstrate how to effectively communicate and interact with family members or friends who have both vision and hearing loss. You will learn how to properly offer assistance such as a sighted guide and environmental information. We will also discuss the differences between intervener, support service provider, and interpreters.

Jeri is the CEO/Founder of Jeri’s House, Inc a place where individuals who are DeafBlind can come and be encouraged, educated and empowered! She has a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Teaching for the Blind, certified vision rehab therapist and certified in DeafBlind rehabilitation. Jeri is totally blind and severely hard of hearing herself so she understands personally the challenges faced by individuals who are DeafBlind. She knows how to inspire others to be all they can be.

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