The Cadence Tablet: Tactile Animation, Graphics, and Multiline Braille

May 29, 2024 from 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm

Speaker: Dave Schleppenbach
CEO Dave Schleppenbach discusses advances in STEM education made using the Cadence Tactile Graphics Tablet, a revolutionary multi-line tactile display currently deployed in schools in several states. Students have used the Cadence tablet to learn braille more easily, access difficult math concepts, and take real-time lab measurements. We will also discuss public use of the Cadence tablet, such as the live viewing of the April 8 eclipse and accessibility at the Indianapolis 500 race.

David Schleppenbach is CEO and co-founder of Tactile Engineering. Dave has over 25 years’ experience developing assistive technology, beginning with cutting-edge research at Purdue University. In 2000, Dave founded GH, LLC, an industry-leading assistive technology and services company. Over the next sixteen years, Dave drove product development, published numerous academic and technical articles, and was heavily involved in the development of multiple accessibility specifications including ANSI/NISO DAISY, ePub, NIMAS, MathML, and others. Dave also holds numerous patents for inventions spanning multiple fields and disciplines. Dave continues to work closely with government agencies, non-profit and advocacy groups, industry, and other organizations to develop accessibility policies and resolve difficult technical issues surrounding accessibility.
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